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As experienced tree surgeons, Acer Tree Services provides a range of professional services in all aspects of arboriculture for private clients, businesses and local councils.  From essential tree maintenance, pollarding and coppicing, through to tree felling and removal, we are committed to delivering a prompt, high quality and reliable service. In addition, we can support and advise our customers in dealing with Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s) and the local planning process.  

Tree Maintenance
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Managing the crown or branch system through thinning and cleaning helps ensure a healthy tree. 
Reducing the density of the crown of broad leaved species, without changing the overall shape and size of the tree, allows more light penetration and wind movement, thereby reducing the risk of storm damage.


The pollarding of trees such as Willow and Lime restricts and manages their size and encourages the growth of young stems.
Pollarding is best started on young trees as their wood responds rapidly, reducing the risk of decay.
Pollarding is normally carried out when the tree is dormant. 

Tree Felling & Clearance

Where a tree has become diseased, is a risk to property or has simply out grown its environment, the felling and removal of the tree may be required.
Following a site safety assessment, including potential impact on buildings and utilities, the tree will be felled either as a whole or in sections and removed from site.

Woodland Management

We can provide expert advice and a range of services in managing and promoting the health of your wood - from the coppicing of hazel and chestnut to produce bean sticks or fencing, to the thinning and clearance of trees for commercial timber or firewood (felling licences may be required dependent on the volume of timber being felled).

Stump Grinding

The grinding out of stumps following tree clearance not only allows replanting but helps prevent the growth of honey fungus, a potential pathogen to plants.
Quick, clean and efficient, we grind the stump to 10” below ground level, and turf friendly tracks are available for minimal ground disturbance.

Planning & Preservation

Local councils are committed to the preservation and sustainable management of trees, and due to their importance planning legislation protects trees.
We can provide support and advice in understanding whether your trees may be subject to Tree Preservation Orders and in managing the planning process with you. 

Tree Risk Assessment Surveys

As a landowner you have a 'duty of care’ for the trees on your land to ensure that they are in good condition and that any safety issues are managed. 


To satisfy a land owners duty of care responsibilities, we can offer:

  • Detailed tree risk assessment of individual trees

  • Large scale tree risk management surveys of tree stock

  • Guidance on appropriate tree management


The local Planning authority will request Arboricultural information to accompany a planning application if trees exist on a site. We can assist by offering the following services;

  • Pre-planning Arboricultural advice regarding potential development projects

  • Full BS5837:2012 tree surveys 

  • Arboricultural Constraints Reports 

  • Arboricultural Impact Assessment Reports

  • Arboricultural Method Statements 

  • On site supervision and watching briefs during construction

"So pleased with your service! It is such a breath of fresh air dealing with a company who honours everything that they promised!"

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